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Tales of our Quests and Campaigns:

News from the front lines of transmedia...

4.3.15: Attendees of WonderCon 2015, come visit Quixotic's Joe LeFavi and his friends Craig Miller at their popular recurring panel, "Publicizing Your Project." Got a new comic, a new web series, a new novel, a new TV show or a movie? That's great, but pretty meaningless if you and your friends are the only ones who know about it. How do you get the word out? Facebook and a webpage like everyone else? What can you do to cut through the clutter and get your stuff actually seen, actually talked about, actually out there so people can see it, read it, watch it, and buy it? Experts who have been getting projects seen dating back to Star Wars, including Molly Celaschi (Malena Public Relations), Joe LeFavi (Quixotic Transmedia), Craig Miller (Star WarsThe Dark Crystal), and Amy Ratcliffe (Nerdist, StarWars.com) will give you their thoughts and advice on how you can do it for your project. Friday April 3rd at 5PM in Room 210 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

3.18.15: The long-awaited concert film DVD for The Thrilling Adventure Hour has finally been delivered to our patient and much-appreciated Kickstarter backers! Capturing the live staged performance in October 2013, director Neil Mahoney and performance director Aaron Ginsburg breathe new life into fan-favorite episodes of Sparks Nevada, Beyond Belief, and Captain Laserbeam. The DVD also unlocked Kickstarter-exclusive bonus content including some WorkJuice and Patriot Cigarettes ads, a new edit of the TAH documentary web-series (with additional footage), and tons of commentaries, lost podcast episodes, backstage videos, promotional videos, celebrity testimonials, and so much more. Clink!

2.3.15: Quixotic's founder Joe LeFavi has been invited as a guest speaker at this year's Engage LA, an in-depth look at how the digital age is evolving and transforming storytelling. This one-day experience change how you view the world of content creation and consumption, with fresh perspectives that can be applied to a variety of areas, including social, mobile, retail, video, TV and film.

LeFavi is speaking during the session "Mastering Transmedia Storytelling." Animation, virtual reality, and 3-D production are just a few examples of interactive channels that are effective in sharing stories with consumers. Get inspired to broaden your company’s digital marketing mix with a smart combination of platforms that extends your message to consumers in a meaningful way. Moderated by Sean Stewart (Founder, Three Story House), fellow panelists are Bonnie Pan (EVP of Programming, Maker Studios) and Billy Parks (SVP of Fullscreen).

Taking place on February 3rd at the Backstage Theater on the Sony Studios lot, this sold-out event enlisted a first-class roster of innovators and thought leaders to discuss and debate how to drive new forms of cross-platform engagement. Attendees will get to connect with the foremost experts and influencers in a casual, approachable atmosphere, and share perspectives on multi-platform real-time storytelling and branded entertainment. With Hollywood and Silicon Beach converge, ENGAGE LA will alter your perspective on how content can transform your brand experiences for today’s consumers.

To learn more about Engage LA, visit their website and show your support!

11.18.14: Our thanks to Bleeding Cool for the fantastic article covering our "Publicizing Your Project" panel at this year's Comikaze! This is one of our favorite panels and we're thrilled that such a respected news source found it helpful. Hope to see you there next year!

11.2.14: Attendees of Comikaze, check out our popular recurring panel, "Publicizing Your Project." You’ve got a new comic, a new webseries, a new novel, a new TV show or movie? That’s great. But pretty meaningless if you and your friends are the only ones who know about it. How do you get the word out? Facebook and webpage, sure. That’s what everyone’s doing. What can you do to cut through the clutter and get your stuff actually seen, actually talked about, actually out there so people can see it, read it, watch it, buy it? People who have been getting projects seen dating back to “Star Wars” will give you advice on how you can do it for your project. Participants: Craig Miller, Molly Celaschi, Joe LeFavi. Sunday, November 2 at 10:00AM in room 402AB at the Los Angeles Convention Center. See you there!

10.23.14: In his landmark book Reinventing Comics (William Morrow, 2000) theorist, scholar and artist Scott McCloud described comics as a "misunderstood, squandered idea that seems increasingly obscure [and] small, like an atom waiting to be split." McCloud argued that new digital technologies would allow comics to evolve into new forms, incorporating such features as motion, sound, or interactivity, and to adopt a near-infinite number of possible sizes, shapes, and topics. Fast-forward almost 15 years, and comics have indeed been reinvented – although perhaps not in the ways McCloud envisioned. Which of McCloud's predictions came true, what surprising new twists and developments have emerged, and where might comics go in the next 15 years?

The Geek Speaks "The Future of Comics" USC event will begin with a lively chat between McCloud and USC Provost's Professor of Communication, Journalism and Cinematic Arts Henry Jenkins, followed by a panel of respondents including Dan Burwen (Cognito Comics), Joe LeFavi (Quixotic Transmedia), Geoffrey Long (USC Annenberg Innovation Lab), Diana Williams(Lucasfilm) and other special guests.

The event will begin at 6PM on Thursday, October 23rd, 2014 in room SCA 112 in USC's School of Cinematic Arts.

RSVP is required. To RSVP, please visit http://is.gd/futurecomics

9.18.14: Quixotic Transmedia and No Mimes Media are proud to present our latest original co-production, the multi-platform series Booker’s Brain!

Suffering from Locked-In Syndrome after a tragic accident, Booker Roarke, with the help of his devoted girlfriend, uses an experimental interface to escape his physical limitations and tap his consciousness into the internet. This new-found mobility soon ascends into unmatched freedom as he explores the vast reaches of pervasive computing, social media, and the world wide web. In a wi-fi world where everyone and everything is "connected" with ubiquitous smart devices, Booker comes to realize the true and chilling power of the 21st century tech we have in our pockets.

Inspired by real science and events, Booker’s Brain is a thrilling and thought-provoking exploration of emerging technology, the scope and scale of social media, and the innate risks of digital privacy in the information age. Mixing the classic suspense and claustrophobia of Rear Window with the thrills of Michael Crichton, Booker taps into our fears about the pervasive and often invasive reach of technology, and explores the fascinating implications of a "connected" society powerless to protect itself from those few granted access behind the curtain of code.

Created by Steve Peters and developed in partnership with Joe LeFavi at Quixotic Transmedia, NMM has designed Booker as a truly cross-platform experience. This property will offer a global audience new ways to connect and interact with fictional characters and events. Booker’s Brain will incorporate innovative platforms as dynamic storytelling tools, challenge traditional business models, and ultimately set the bar for transmedia narrative design for years to come.

9.11.14: Attention Hawken fans! Quixotic is thrilled to announce the release of Hawken: Melee, a five-part comic book miniseries based on the celebrated online, free-to-play mech combat video game, HAWKEN. The five Digital First issues will be released four weeks apart, and will be followed by the bi-weekly release of single-issue print editions starting in December. The print issues will contain additional backmatter that will appeal to gameplayers, such as mech and map schematics, combat strategies, and a peek behind the development curtain to enhance the gameplaying experience. Following the success of Hawken: Genesis, the previously released hardcover graphic novel that established the world history for the game, HAWKEN: MELEE focuses on high-stakes action and fast-paced combat in five standalone stories, each presented by a different creative team. The premiere issue features work by Tim Bradstreet (The Punisher), Dan Abnett (Legion of Super-Heroes), Federico Dallocchio (Suicide Squad), and Chris Northrop (The Reason for Dragons), while subsequent issues will feature work by Jim Mahfood (Grrl Scouts), Jock (The Losers), Nathan Fox (DMZ), Mike Kennedy (Bleedout), Andrew Gaska (Space: 1999 – Aftershock and Awe), Dan Dussault (Critical Millennium: The Dark Frontier), Michael O’Hare (Birds of Prey), Bagus Hutomo (Hawken: Genesis), Francisco Ruiz Velasco (Thunderbolts), and Bengal (Flight Vol. 1). 

HAWKEN is a free-to-play, online, multiplayer, mech combat shooter developed by Adhesive Games and published by Meteor Entertainment. It creates an intense and immersive battle experience that captures the feeling of piloting a heavy war machine while keeping the action fast-paced and strategic. Called one of the most anticipated games of 2012, HAWKEN won more than 22 press awards at industry events. For more information, visit www.playhawken.com.

8.1.14: Quixotic is happy to announce a new strategic alliance with Psyop, the creative studio world-renowned for 15 years of iconic advertising campaigns from the Happiness Factory of Coca Cola to the PR machine of Clash of Clans. Leveraging their extensive production facilities in Canada and both US coasts, Quixotic's founder Joe LeFavi will spearhead Content Strategy for the studio, working alongside their award-winning collective to craft and cultivate multi-channel entertainment franchises, integrated marketing campaigns, and transformative business solutions across all forms of media: Film, Television, Gaming, Publishing, Short-Form, Interactive, and Experiential/Experimental.

Psyop's latest works include the Clash of Clans viral short films (100MM+ hits on YouTube), visual effects for David Ayer's feature film Fury ($211MM box office worldwide), and Samsung's CG animated 11-minute short film Galaxy 11: The Training (78MM hits on YouTube as the most viewed branded campaign of 2014).

7.24.14: At the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con, come find out "Just What Does an Editor Do?" We've seen the job title, but what does it mean? There are lots of answers -- join veteran editors Barbara Randall Kesel, Bob Schreck, Joe LeFavi, Maggie Thompson,Shannon Eric Denton, and others for some of the many answers! Thursday July 24, 2014 3:00pm - 4:00pm Room 5AB

7.16.14: Quixotic founder Joe LeFavi and The Thrilling Adventure Hour have been nominated for a 2014 Harvey Award for Best Anthology!

Alongside this amazing honor, the book's editor Joe LeFavi has received a second nomination for the Harvey's esteemed Special Award of Excellence in Presentation, an award that recognizes his work on the overall curation, production and design of the book itself. Joe shares this award nomination with Scott Newman, our impossibly talented designer.

Once again, our most sincere congratulations to all the collaborators and cohorts involved on the book! Co-creators Ben Ackerand Ben Blacker. Our artists Randy Bishop, Jeff Stokely, Andre May,Chris Moreno, Heidi Arnhold, Lar deSouza, Doc Shaner, Joanna Estep, Evan Larson, Joel Priddy, Casey Crowe, Natalie Nourigat, Tom Fowler, and Jordie Bellaire. DJ Bennett. Stephen Christy, Rebecca Taylor, Mel Caylo, and all our friends at Boom/Archaia. And, of course, The WorkJuice Players, Kickstarter backers, and endless Adventurekateers.

Visit this link to learn more about the Harvey Awards and celebrate the other nominees this year. The winners will be announced on Saturday, September 6th during Baltimore Comic-Con.

7.3.14: The bonus epsiode of the Kickstarter-funded documentary webseries for The Thrilling Adventure Hour has debuted here! If you were ever tempted to watch the Jean-Claude Van Damme film LIONHEART, but you did not due to common sense or the sheer plenitude of better options, please delve into this epic drama and experience the emotionally poignant and captivating roller coaster with Hal Lublin as your guide.

6.26.14: Episode 6 of the Kickstarter-funded documentary webseries for The Thrilling Adventure Hour has debuted here! A close look into the musical element of the show and how Andy Paley and his orchestra contribute to the spirit and overall experience of Thrilling Adventure Hour.

6.19.14: Episode 5 of the Kickstarter-funded documentary webseries for The Thrilling Adventure Hour has debuted here! Who wants to learn more about Frank and Sadie Doyle, the two impossibly charming and equally inebriated leads of Beyond Belief!

6.12.14: Episode 4 of the Kickstarter-funded documentary webseries for The Thrilling Adventure Hour has debuted here! A tribute to the amazing fans of the brand, the extraordinary Adventurekateers!

6.9.14: Attending E3 in Los Angeles this week? Or Licensing Expo in Las Vegas next week? Quixotic is there and eager to collaborate with new and old friends alike, so email today and schedule a meeting during these two fantastic expos!

6.5.14: Episode 3 of the Kickstarter-funded documentary webseries for The Thrilling Adventure Hour has debuted here! This one is all about how the show is made and what gets it from page to screen.

6.3.14: We're pleased to announce that Zach Keller, co-creator of Dick Figures, and his brother Nick Keller has successfully secured publication for their creator-owned horror comic book series, Death Head. Quixotic's Joe LeFavi was enlisted by The Brothers Keller to package the creative team for the comic book series, introducing the Eisner and Harvey-nominated Joanna Estep for interiors and artist Samuel Araya for the cover. We then facilitated creative development of the brand and the production of the first preview issue for publishers to review. Heartily embraced by Dark Horse Comics, Death Head will hit the market in July 2015.

5.29.14: Episode 2 of the Kickstarter-funded documentary webseries for The Thrilling Adventure Hour has debuted! Watch here to learn all about Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars, with Marc Evan Jackson, Mark Gagliardi, Busy Philipps, Joshua Malina, Craig Cackowski, and more.

5.22.14: The Kickstarter-funded documentary webseries for The Thrilling Adventure Hour has launched!

Episode 1: What Is the Show? premieres here on May 22, with new weekly episodes debuting exclusively on The Nerdist. Enjoy the camaraderie of the WorkJuice Players, see special guests learn the ropes, and get a sneak peek at what happens backstage in this fun-filled doc series directed by Chris Storer.

If you're in LA, you can see the ENTIRE series before it airs, along with a new episode of Sparks Nevada (live) and a screening of Joss Whedon's Serenityon May 31 at the New Beverly Cinema. Buy tickets here!

5.1.14: Derek Johnson hosted the lecture, “My Hero?: The Practices and Politics of Sharing Worlds in Marvel’s Media Franchises” presented by the University of California at Irvine Humanities Collective. Johnson is a professor of Media and Cultural Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison who researches identity and hierarchy in the production of entertainment media. Johnson spoke about the industry of cultural production and specifically the franchise culture of Marvel. He situates his work in fan and cultural studies, as well as childhood studies. Quixotic’s CEO Joe LeFavi served as UCI’s respondent, who raised further questions regarding the evolving dialogue around power in franchising in the evolving landscape of cross-platform entertainment.

4.30.14: Quixotic’s CEO Joe LeFavi co-presents “The Future of Comics” -- a lecture for the USC comics course instructed by none other than Henry Jenkins himself. LeFavi presents this forward-thinking lecture alongside transmedia friend and peer Geoffrey Long, the newly appointed Technical Director of the Annenberg Innovation Lab at the University of Southern California.

4.26.14: Attending Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo (C2E2)? Join Ben Acker & Ben Blacker as they take on Chicago with a special one-nigh-only performance of The Thrilling Adventure Hour, featuring the WorkJuice Players including Hal Lublin, Craig Cackowski, Marc Evan Jackson & Mark Gagliardi with special guests Molly Quinn, Rider Strong, Peter Sagal, Scott Adsit, Kevin Murphy, Bill Corbett, Janet Varney, Tim Omundson & Richard Speight Jr. Transportation to the Merle Reskin Theatre will be provided free of charge by the C2E2 Shuttle for C2E2 badge holders. This is an offsite, ticketed event. While affiliated with C2E2, you do not need a C2E2 badge to attend - only a ticket. The show takes place on Saturday, April 26th at the Merle Reskin Theatre at DePaul University (60 E Balbo Ave., Chicago, IL 60604). The show begins at 8:00 PM, with doors opening at 7:00 PM.

4.18.14: Visit Joe LeFavi at WonderCon 2014 in Anaheim this Friday at the following panels:

  • Friday, April @ 3:00 PM (Room 210A) -- JUST WHAT DOES AN EDITOR DO? Barbara Randall Kesel, Shannon Eric Denton, and Joe LeFavi all in one panel?! The awesomeness may rip the space-time continuum!

  • Friday April 18 @ 5:00 PM (Room 210BCD) -- PUBLICIZING YOUR PROJECT. Got a new comic, a new web series, a new novel, a new TV show, or a movie? That's great, but pretty meaningless if you and your friends are the only ones who know about it. How do you get the word out? Facebook and a webpage, sure. That's what everyone's doing. What can you do to cut through the clutter and get your stuff actually seen, actually talked about, actually out there so people can see it, read it, watch it, buy it? Craig Miller (Star Wars, Curious George) leads a panel of people who have been getting projects seen dating back to Star Wars, including Amy Ratcliffe (Nerdist, StarWars.com), Joe LeFavi (Quixotic Transmedia), and others, to give you their thoughts and advice on how you can do it for your project.

4.15.14: Quixotic founder Joe LeFavi and The Thrilling Adventure Hour have been nominated for a 2014 Eisner Award for Best Anthology!

Our most sincere and ecstatic congratulations to all the collaborators and cohorts involved on the book! Co-creators Ben Ackerand Ben Blacker. Our amazing artists Randy Bishop, Jeff Stokely, Andre May,Chris Moreno, Heidi Arnhold, Lar deSouza, Doc Shaner, Joanna Estep, Evan Larson, Joel Priddy, Casey Crowe, Natalie Nourigat, Tom Fowler, and Jordie Bellaire. The extraordinary Newman Brothers. The dynamic DJ Bennett. Stephen Christy, Rebecca Taylor, Mel Caylo, and all our friends at Archaia Entertainment. The WorkJuice Players, Kickstarter backers, and countless Adventurekateers who’ve championed the book from page one and day one.

Visit this link to learn more about the Eisner Awards and review the other esteemed nominees this year. The awards will be given out in a gala ceremony on Friday, July 25 during Comic-Con International: San Diego.

4.11.14: Boss Monster, the best-selling tabletop CCG produced by Quixotic client and friend Brotherwise Games, has been nominated for an Origins Award for Best Traditional Card Game! Our most sincere congratulations to Brotherwise!

2.15.14: The Script Writers Network has welcomed Joe LeFavi, Tom Pinchuk, and Chris Northrop to present "Making A Comic Book: Step-by-step" at CBS Studios on Saturday, February 15 @ 1PM. Want to learn the secrets of comics? Come on in for this focused, no-bull, step-by-step breakdown. Learn exactly how your story can evolve into an inked, colored and lettered graphic novel on the shelf. What are the similarities and differences between a comic book script and a screenplay? How do you find the right artist? Do you need a publisher, and (if so) how can you team up with one? And just where do comics fit into Hollywood and the world of transmedia? All the answers are here. Register here today!

1.23.14: Attending Emerald City Comic-Con 2014? On Saturday, March 29th, the Moore Theatre in downtown Seattle will host hit podcasts The Thrilling Adventure Hour (TAH) and Welcome to Night Vale as they combine to form one enormous cross-over event! One story, two creative teams, the WorkJuice Players, voice of Night Vale radio Cecil Baldwin, and some very, very special guest stars. But wait… there’s more! Thrilling Adventure Hour and Welcome to Night Vale will also be guests of Emerald City Comicon all weekend long: March 28-30! Friday, March 28 features a FREE Emerald City-exclusive evening event for Friday or 3-day badge holders at the convention center: a live performance by Welcome to Night Vale and the Emerald City Exclusive Sneak Preview Screening of the long-awaited Thrilling Adventure Hour Concert Film – a Kickstarter-backed project. Grab an Emerald City Comicon pass today while you still can and be there for signings, panels, special guest and lots of surprises. Tickets for the live Moor show are on sale now here.

1.8.14: Quixotic founder Joe LeFavi has been awarded a research professorship from the University of California Humanities Collective, where he will educate both students and faculty about the changing landscape of cross-platform IP development and franchise culture in entertainment. LeFavi will perform his research and a series of guest lectures on the University of California Irvine campus alongside Catherine Liu, Director of the UCI Humanities Center and a Professor in Film & Media Studies for the School of Humanities. University of California Irvine is currently ranked #14 on US News’ top public national universities and #1 by Times Higher Education among all US universities and #5 in the top 100 global universities under 50 years old.

12.17.13: The Thrilling Adventure Hour graphic novel is "a laugh-out-loud, action-fueled romp through time and space" and one of the best comics of 2013, according to USA TODAY’s guide to 2013’s best graphic novels and collections! Check out their review on our book and many other fantastic reads here.

11.27.13: Get ready Adventurekateers! The Thrilling Adventure Hour and WeLoveFine team up to launch the official TAH We Love Fine store, which will produce an ongoing line of apparel, art prints, plush, and more! So happy to bring these two great brands together, and my sincere thanks to our pal Wes Harris at Jet Black for facilitating the deal with us!

11.25.13: Attending Long Beach Comic-Con this Saturday? Visit Room 102A at 11:00 AM to see Quixotic founder Joe LeFavi on "Publicize your Project" alongside Craig Miller and Molly Celaschi as they provide insight on the many options available to the self-promoting storytellers out there in the world today.

11.2.13: Come visit Joe LeFavi and Quixotic Transmedia at Comikaze Expo this weekend! Our schedule of events is below:

  • Saturday, November 2 @ 10 AM (Room 301A) -- MAKING COMICS GREAT FOR KIDS! Everybody’s talking about how comics are growing up, but have we (GASP) forgotten about the children? Join a group of creators from the likes of My Little Pony, Transformers and Max Steel for a lively chat about the challenges and joys of making ‘all-ages’ books as awesome they can be. Participants: Tom Pinchuk (Max Steel, Unimaginable), Joe LeFavi (Fraggle Rock, Thrilling Adventure Hour), Mairghread Scott (Transformers Prime, Rescue Bots), Heather Nuhfer (My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake), Paul Morrissey (Monster Galaxy, Casper The Friendly Ghost) and Kazu Kibuishi (Amulet, Daisy Kutter).

  • Saturday, November 2 @ 2 PM (Room 306AB) -- COMIC BOOK SUNDAY! PRESENTS DEVELOPING IP FOR HOLLYWOOD With top industry professionals who are also part of the COMIC BOOK SUNDAY! Community we will be discussing how Hollywood find and develops IP for film, TV, video games, etc. Participants: Benjamin Jackendoff (Darkslide Entertainment), Joe LeFavi (Quixotic), Jason Brown (The Mummy, Dead Island, Ben-Hur), James Waugh (Blizzard), Thomas Carter (Station 3), Michael George (Balance Pictures)

  • Saturday, November 2 @ 5:30 PM (Room 308AB) -- THE THRILLING ADVENTURE HOUR! World famous Thrilling Adventure Hour hosts a panel to discuss all of the latest and greatest news from the popular multi-hyphenate entertainment brand. Beginning as a monthly stage show in Los Angeles, the show has blossomed over eight years to become a popular podcast and web series with Nerdist Industries, a graphic novel with Archaia, and a live concert film! During our panel, co-creators Ben Acker and Ben Blacker will interact with distinguished members from the cast and crew as they celebrate their biggest and most thrilling year for yet! Participants: Heath Corson (Justice League: War), Co-creators Ben Acker & Ben Blacker (Wolverine: Season One; Supernatural), Paul F. Tompkins (Comedy Bang Bang), Marc Evan Jackson (Kings of Summer), Joshua Malina (Scandal), Busy Philipps (Cougar Town), Mark Gagliardi (Drunk History), and more!

10.7.13: In November 2012, over 2,500 backers generously donated nearly $200K of pledges to The Thrilling Adventure Hour. The final stretch of that record-breaking Kickstarter campaign, the live concert film, is being filmed live today at the famous Largo at the Coronet Theater in Los Angeles. Brilliant guest stars to include Nathan Fillion, Clark Gregg, Janet Varney, Garret Dillahunt, Mike Phirman, Scott Aukerman, Alan Tudyk, Clancy Brown, and Kumail Nanjiani! Our thanks to everyone who made our concert film a reality by supporting our Kickstarter and this incredible brand, including director Neil Mahoney and Type 55 Films. The concert film DVD is projected to release mid 2014.

9.16.13: Barnes & Noble at The Grove is pleased to present The Thrilling Adventure Hour on Monday, September 16 at 7 PM. Join us for an amazing evening of entertainment followed by a book signing!

9.6.13: The Cartoon Art Museum, WorkJuice Productions, Archaia Entertainment, and Quixotic Transmedia are pleased to present a three-month gallery featuring original art from The Thrilling Adventure Hour graphic novel, based on the popular live stage performances and podcast set in the style of old-time radio. The Reception will take place on Saturday, September 21, 7 PM to 10 PM at The Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco.

The characters from the critically acclaimed podcast come to life in the graphic novel and on the walls of the Cartoon Art Museum! Special guests include Ben Acker, Ben Blacker, Marc Evan Jackson, Mark Gagliardi and additional cast members and artists as they confirm. Ben Acker and Ben Blacker will be leading a docent tour of the exhibit for all attendees.

The event starts at 7 PM to allow you plenty of time to enjoy the museum, see the exhibit, and meet the creators and cast. Light food and drink will be provided. We want this event to be a celebration of the creativity of the creators, artists, and cast of the Thrilling Adventure Hour as well as the success of graphic novel.

General Admission tickets are priced at $35 each and include entry to the event. VIP Admission is $85 and includes entry to the event plus a copy of a limited edition TAH commemorative poster. Buy your tickets here today!

9.3.13: Echo Lake Entertainment, The Burnstein Company, ICM Partners, Quixotic Transmedia, and John Rogers cordially invite you to a staged reading of the pilot episode of “Beyond Belief” -- written by Ben Acker & Ben Blacker and starring Paul F. Tompkins, Paget Brewster, and some very special guest stars.

For years they've been your favorite part of The Thrilling Adventure Hour, the monthly staged show, graphic novel, and Nerdist podcast, but now it's time for the supernatural sleuths to make the leap to the small screen with a pilot beyond belief. Lucky you, a few tickets are still available! Three live staged table reads are taking place at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles (5919 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028) on Tuesday 9/3, Wednesday 9/4, and Thursday 9/5. All shows begin at 9:30 PM with cocktails beforehand at 8:30 PM.

Interested parties should RSVP to: beyondbelief@echolakeentertainment.com with how many seats and the reading you would like to attend. Hope to see you there!

8.15.13: Want to know what Quixotic and The Thrilling Adventure Hour are doing during New York Comic-Con this October? Here's our official NY calendar:

  • Thursday October 10 @ 7:30 PM -- Our pals at Welcome to Night Vale are doing a live show at the Roulette in Brooklyn. The regular WtNV cast will be joined by WorkJuice Players Marc Evan Jackson, Mark Gagliardi, Craig Cackowski, Annie Savage, and Hal Lublin, as well as special guests MARA WilSON and Venture Brothers creator Jackson Publick! Buy tickets here.

  • Friday, October 11th @ 3:30 pm -- Stop by Bergen Street Comics for a pre-party celebrating the wildly popular Thrilling Adventure Hour podcast’s show later that night at the Bell House! Visit with the cast of the show and grab the new T.A.H. graphic novel from Boom! Studios and Archaia! There’s no better way than this to roll into the weekend!

  • Friday, October 11th @ 7 PM and 9 PM -- The popular Los Angeles stage show returns to the East Coast with two live performances at The Bell House in Brooklyn, featuring Paul F. Tompkins (Comedy Bang Bang) Paget Brewster (Criminal Minds) John Hodgman (The Daily Show) Marc Evan Jackson (Kings of Summer) Craig Cackowski (Drunk History) & more of the WorkJuice Players! Buy tickets here!

  • Saturday, October 12th @ 2:45 PM (Room 1A14) -- The Thrilling Adventure Hour 2013 World Domination Tour concludes with this star-studded panel as we review our incredible year and look into the bright future ahead.

  • Saturday, October 12th @ 4:15 PM -- Seen the panel? Now meet the cast during their exclusive two-hour signing session at the Boom!/Archaia booth on the convention floor (Booth #1344).

8.7.13: Amassing critical acclaim in the direct and book trade markets, Quixotic Transmedia is proud to announce that their graphic novel anthology for The Thrilling Adventure Hour has officially sold out of its first 5,000 copies! A week before the book even hit the shelves no less! Due to strong demand at the retail level, Archaia is going back to print on the now hit anthology based upon the popular stage show and Nerdist podcast. Books are expected to hit the shelves shortly before New York Comic-Con in early October 2013.

Here are some quotes from recent glowing reviews on our graphic novel:

"The Thrilling Adventure Hour graphic novel magnificently demonstrates just how perfectly matched co-creators Ben Acker and Ben Blacker's stories are to comics." "This book is a winner, offering more fun and entertainment than most tiles can provide over the course of a year." -- Comic Book Resources

"We’ve seen comics become movies or movies become comics, but we’ve never seen something quite like this." "It’s the kind of book that actually delivers something for everyone, whether you’re a fan of the show or not." "There are so many things to appreciate about the book’s visual style. It’s easily what makes the read so appealing; the wide arrange of talent on the book offers up a rather unique experience to the overall perception of the material, because it all inherently comes from the same place and in that way shares a certain link." -- Multiversity Comics

"Every story is wildly entertaining and a blast to read, with just about every line laugh inducing." "The Thrilling Adventure Hour #1 is a collection of talent and bringing all the phenomenal artists together in one work is a testament to its sway over pop culture." "The Thrilling Adventure Hour #1 is a testament to what it means to be a great work; it offers readers everything they could possibly want for in an anthology and then some. The writing is fluid and entertaining, the amount of illustrative talent is overwhelming and the presentation properly represents Archaia's attention to detail and quality. This is definitely a book worth checking out and is deserving a spot on your bookshelf." -- OmniComic

From producing the Kickstarter campaign that funded the graphic novel to facilitating the entire editorial process on the book itself, this graphic novel has been a labor of love for everyone at Quixotic. We could not feel more humbled and excited about our community's response to our book, and we hope that this is but the first of many works published within the TAH universe.

8.5.13: We here at Quixotic send our pals at Brotherwise Games our most sincere congratulations! After less than two weeks in stores, the dungeon-building CCG Boss Monster has officially sold out of its first print run! The speed at which the game has moved has exceeded our highest expectations and wiped out our entire inventory. Starting in late September, fans of the hit game can expect the second print run of the hit game in stores and online (via Brotherwise Games and Think Geek) nationwide.

7.19.13: Perfectly timed for San Diego Comic-Con, Quixotic Transmedia and Entertainment One (eOne) are proud to announce their collaboration on the hit SyFy television series, Haven.

Based upon "The Colorado Kid" by Stephen King and one of cable TV's most popular shows on Friday night, Haven is now entering its fourth season on SyFy this Fall. To celebrate both the upcoming new season and its third season's debut in home media debut this Fall, Quixotic facilitated the production of "Haven: After the Storm," a 16-page comic book that will be exclusively available as a special added-value bonus inside the North American Blu-ray and DVD release of Haven: The Complete Third Season.

Featuring an original story by Nick Parker from the Haven writing team, the comic picks up immediately following Season 3's dramatic cliffhanger and provides the perfect bridge to the events surrounding this coming season’s premiere episode. The script for After the Storm was written and edited by Quixotic's own Joe LeFavi, with pencils and inks by 2013 Harvey Award nominee Steve Ellis (The Only Living Boy, The Walking Dead: Dead Reckoning), colors by Andre May (The Thrilling Adventure Hour), and cover art by Scott Hampton (Batman, Hellboy).

To promote the SDCC-exclusive announcement, Quixotic contributed to the marketing campaign during the fan-favored convention. Beginning with a city-wide scavenger hunt for exclusive Haven swag after their Friday SDCC panel, fans were led to a sold-out Q&A with the cast at Zachary Levi's popular Nerd HQ. Participating in their "Conversations for a Cause" series, 100% of the proceeds from this ticketed event were donated to the non-profit organization Operation Smile. Selling out their venue within two hours of the initial announcement, Entertainment One and Quixotic are thrilled to have raised funds for such a worthwhile cause.

Haven: The Complete Third Season arrives in stores September 3, 2013. Season Four of Haven premieres on SyFy on Friday, September 13.

7.11.13: The WorkJuice Corporation and Quixotic Transmedia are proud to announce the Horton Grand Theatre as the official home of The Thrilling Adventure Hour for Comic-Con International 2013. Located at 444 4th Avenue (just a few blocks from the convention center), the Horton Grand will host six staged events in their 250-seat proscenium theatre, including live TAH performances at 7PM and 9:30 PM on both Friday, July 19th and Saturday, July 20th. “The Horton Grand is the perfect home for The Thrilling Adventure Hour,” says TAH co-creator Ben Blacker. “The beautiful architecture and its rich, old-timey spirit really make you feel like TAH was destined to play there. Like it’s been there all along.”

There are three pricing tiers for the Horton Grand Theatre TAH events:

$25.00: Basic ticket to any one performance on Friday or Saturday night

$35.00: One basic ticket to the early 7PM show (either Friday or Saturday night) plus one admission to an exclusive one-hour signing event, which occurs after the Early Show on either night. Only 100 tickets available for each night!

$45.00: One basic ticket to the late 9:30 PM show (either Friday or Saturday night) plus access to our VIP WorkJuice after party! Only 150 tickets available to hang out with the cast and crew in the gorgeous Horton ballroom from 11PM to 2AM. This is a party you definitely do not want to miss!

On Saturday, July 20th at 4:00 PM in the Horton Grand Theatre, TAH fans can also enjoy one amazing opening act: SuperEgo Live! Experience the popular podcast SuperEgo live on stage, as you enter the world of the Superego Clinic for Analytical Pscience. Here doctors Matt Gourley, Jeremy Carter, Mark McConville, and Resident Specialist Paul F. Tompkins introduce you to a variety of curious characters. Weirdos, really. A bunch of self-absorbed swellheads, improvised and analyzed before your very eyes.

TAH events with NERD HQ and the Horton Grand are open to anyone and not exclusive to SDCC attendees. There is no limit to how many tickets you can buy. The Friday and Saturday shows at the Horton Grand will feature different cast members and different tales, and fans should purchase their tickets soon, as the entire TAH series of live events are expected to sell out shortly.

Tickets to both the opening act and the main performances are available now:



Sponsored by Regent Publishing Services, this phenomenal weekend of must-see events celebrates the upcoming release of the first TAH graphic novel debuting nationwide in late August 2013. The book was made possible by a widely successful Kickstarter campaign in late 2012, which raised $192K in 30 days to finance a graphic novel, a web series, and a concert film. The campaign was produced by the book’s editor, Joe LeFavi of Quixotic Transmedia, who also facilitated the Archaia publishing deal and the various SDCC special events mentioned above alongside the TAH co-creators. “We are truly humbled by the tremendous support that we’re received from friends and fans alike this past year,” says TAH co-creator Ben Acker. “We’ve always dreamed of attending SDCC in such a big way, and we can’t wait to share what everyone has made possible with so many great friends.”

For more information, please read the full press release here.

7.5.13: Quixotic Transmedia is thrilled to announce a massive presence for our company and our brand partners at San Diego Comic-Con this year. Below please find our schedule of events occurring both on and off the convention floor.


1:30 PM - 3:30 PM: The Thrilling Adventure Hour signing event
Location: San Diego Convention Center, Archaia booth #2229

Alongside co-creators Ben Acker and Ben Blacker, come meet WorkJuice Players Mark Gagliardi, Marc Evan JacksonAutumn Reeser, Paul F. Tompkins, Craig Cackowski, Annie Savage, and Hal Lublin as you enjoy a SDCC-exclusive pre-press preview of the upcoming graphic novel!

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM: Haven panel
Location: San Diego Convention Center, Room 6DE

Emily Rose (ER), Lucas Bryant (MVP), Eric Balfour (24), and Adam Copeland(WWE superstar Edge) are joined by new cast member Colin Ferguson (Eureka) along with the creators, producers, and writers of the hit Syfy series.

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM: The Thrilling Adventure Hour World Domination Tour panel
Location: San Diego Convention Center, Room 32AB

The Thrilling Adventure Hour World Domination Tour Created in 2005 by Ben Ackerand Ben Blacker, The Thrilling Adventure Hour (TAH) is a popular staged production in the style of old-time radio. It has since also become a much- downloaded podcast with Nerdist Industries, and-premiering here at Comic-Con-a stunning graphic novel anthology! Each show consists of a selection of genre- bending stories, advertisements from fictional sponsors, musical numbers, and more, performed by a core group of actors known as the WorkJuice Players, and featuring cameos by stars from FireflyDoctor WhoCommunity, and many more. Last fall, Acker and Blacker launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a TAH graphic novel, and they set a record at the time for the fastest graphic novel campaign to reach its goal. Now, almost a year later and with award-winning publisher Archaia Entertainment on board to publish the book, the graphic novel is ready to debut! Alongside co-creators Ben Acker and Ben Blacker, panelists may include editor Joe LeFavi and WorkJuice Players Mark Gagliardi, Marc Evan JacksonAutumn Reeser, Paul F. Tompkins, Craig Cackowski, Annie Savage, and Hal Lublin to share behind-the-scenes stories about The Thrilling Adventure Hour show, podcast, and graphic novel.

6:30 PM - 7:30 PM: Nerd HQ Presents A Conversation with HAVEN
Location: Petco Park, 100 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92101

Enjoy an unique and intimate Q&A panel with the cast and crew from the hit SyFy television series! As part of their Conversations for a Cause series, all proceeds to this ticketed event go toward the charity Operation Smile. Purchase tickets today!


11:30 AM: Nerd HQ Presents A Conversation with THE THRILLING ADVENTURE HOUR
Location: Petco Park, 100 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92101

Enjoy an intimate Q&A panel with the cast and crew from the popular stage show and podcast. As part of their Conversations for a Cause series, all proceeds to this ticketed event go toward the charity Operation Smile. Panelists scheduled to appear: Ben Acker and Ben Blacker, Paul F. Tompkins, Paget Brewster, Autumn Reeser, John DiMaggio, Marc Evan Jackson, Mark Gagliardi, Craig Cacwkoski, Hal Lublin, Annie Savage, Aaron Ginsburg, and more!

During this fun-filled panel, TAH creators Ben Acker and Ben Blacker will host an all-star line-up to discuss their incredibly exciting year in multi-media. Guests will include as many of TAH's regular troupe as we can fit onstage (and schedule)! Purchase tickets today!


11:00 AM: The "How and Why to Write an All-Ages Comic Book" panel
Location: San Diego Convention Center, Room 28DE

Some of the biggest "kids" in comics discuss the current state of the industry and what steps are necessary for comics to secure a place in the hearts and minds of the next generation. What are the benefits and challenges involved in writing all-ages comics? How are licensed comics playing a role in our future? How might webcomics, digital publishing, emerging technologies, and self-publishing change the landscape? And how can we ensure that more young readers today become readers for life? Panelists include Andy Runton (Owly), David Petersen (Mouse Guard), Katie Cook (My Little Pony), Mike Kunkel (Herobear and the Kid), Neo Edmund (Jurassic Strike Force 5),Otis Frampton (Oddly Normal), Royden Lepp (Rust), and Jimmy Gownley (creator of Amelia Rules!). Moderated by Quixotic Transmedia founder and all-ages comics writer and editor Joe LeFavi (Fraggle Rock).

12:00 PM: "Creating Comics for Kids" panel
Location: San Diego Convention Center, Room 30CDE

Want to know what it takes to create super awesome comics for kids? Come hang out with the guys and girls who are making it happen every day: Neo Edmund (Red Riding -- Rise of the Werewolf Huntress, Jurassic Strike Force 5), Joe LeFavi (Fraggle Rock, editorial director for Jim Henson Co.), Thomas Zahler (My Little Pony, Love and Capes), Barbara Kesel (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, My Little Pony), Heather Nuhfer (Fraggle Rock, Strawberry Shortcake), and moderator Adira Edmund (Windy Hollows, MFA English Literature).

2:00 PM: "Death Dealing Mechs, Comic Books, and Video Games: The World of Hawken" panel
Location: San Diego Convention Center, Room 28DE

Heavy metal comes to Comic-Con! Khang Le (creative director/co-founder, Adhesive Games) and Mark Long (CEO, Meteor Entertainment) discuss Hawken, the free-to-play fast-paced giant mech shooter, showing how the rich universe has transcended from its roots as a game to encompass comics, collectibles, and filmed entertainment, expanding and breathing life into the larger mythology. Drew Seldin (Project Triforce) will be showing a meticulously detailed new mech premiere scale statue, Michael Kennedy (Archaia Entertainment) will reveal details of the Hawken monthly digital comic series, and Scott Robertson (Design Studio Press) will guide us through an early look at the Art of Hawken art book. Other announcements and debuts are also in store, and the audience will leave with a special gift in hand. Ignite the fight in San Diego!

7.4.13: Attending Anime Expo in Los Angeles? Come say hello to Quixotic's Founder Joe LeFavi as we explore the many exciting opportunities in the transmedia space. Contact us directly for media and meeting inquiries.

6.24.13: Huge news today in the publishing world as Boom! Studios announced the acquisition of frequent Quixotic collaborator, Archaia Entertainment. Facilitated by Joe LeFavi with an introduction between Archaia and Boom! Studios investor DFJ Frontier, the merger between these two publishing peers forges the largest independently controlled comic book and graphic novel library in history. Learn more about this historic event with Archaia's official press release.

6.17.13: Quixotic Transmedia is hitting the Las Vegas strip for the epic Licensing Expo from June 17th - June 20th. We're arranging meetings throughout the convention with new and old friends alike, so arrange a meeting today!

6.11.13: Find Quixotic Transmedia on the floor at the famous E3 taking place at the Los Angeles Convention Center from June 11th to June 13th. For meeting and media inquiries, contact us today! Whlie you're there, say hello to Quixotic brand partner HAWKEN, the amazing free-to-play mech MP shooter that dominated E3 last year. Meteor Entertainment and Adhesive Games have teamed up with NVIDIA and Alienware this year to showcase Hawken at E3 2013. If you're attending E3, come by NVIDIA booth #2323 or Alienware’s booth #435 to see HAWKEN and meet the team in the South Hall. Looking forward to seeing you there!

4.17.13: Frequent Quixotic collaborator Archaia Entertainment has received two nominations for the 25th Annual Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards (“The Eisners”). The nominations were “Best Publication for Kids (ages 8-12)" for Cow Boy by Chris Eliopoulos and Nate Cosby (our old editor on IMMORTALS: GODS & HEROES) and “Best Publication for Teens (ages 13-17)” for Spera Vol. 1 by Josh Tierney, The winners will be announced during a ceremony to be held during Comic-Con International in San Diego, California this July. Our most sincere congratulations to our friends at Archaia and their esteemed nominees!

4.6.13: New York Times best-selling graphic novel author and Meteor Entertainment (Hawken) president Mark Long (The Silence of Our Friends) and Oscar®-winning writer/director Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects) team up with Quixotic Transmedia to launch RUBICON, an original graphic novel that reimagines one of the greatest movie epics of all time:The Seven Samurai. Developed as an homage to Akira Kurosawa’s peerless masterpiece, Rubicon is the story of a paramilitary SEAL team who defend a remote mountain farming village in Afghanistan from the torment of marauding Taliban. Rubicon blends timely themes of fate, hope, and courage with relentless action into a triumphant tale of honor won with loyalty and death. This powerfully realized book is co-created by SEAL Team VI and Red Cell veteran, Dan Capel and masterfully illustrated by newcomer Mario Stilla. In addition, the book features a foreword by New York Times best-selling author and the original Commanding Officer of Seal Team VI, Richard Marcinko (Rogue Warrior).

The graphic novel is being published by Archaia Entertainment, two-time Eisner Award winner for Best Graphic Album New. Quixotic Founder Joe LeFavi facilitated the Rubicon deal for Archaia, and will serve as executive editor on the book and transmedia producer of the creative collateral included with every book, including reproduction tactical maps, commendations, citations, and private correspondence. The limited-edition slipcase edition will launch in the direct and book trade markets this July with a convention-exclusive pre-press debut at San Diego Comic-Con International 2013. Pre-orders for the book are available now via Archaia's online store. Check out the full pres release here.

3.2.13: Moderated by Quixotic Founder and Hawken: Genesis executive editor Joe LeFavi, Meteor Entertainment packed a room at Seattle's Emerald City Comic-Con to announce their latest and greatest news on all things Hawken. During the panel, Meteor announced a partnership with Mighty Fine, the popular fashion company, for an exclusive line of Hawken apparel. Check out the latest gear on the website. Meteor also announced Hawken Art Attack, an ongoing VIP art exhibition featuring concept art by Khang Le and original interpretations of Hawken from artists Camilla d’Errico, Weirdo, Brook Meinhardt, Andrew Bawidamann, Dear Earthling, and Justin Hampton. The show, curated and organized by Wolfram Productions, took place at Vermillion Art Gallery in downtown Seattle. More art exhibits with more A-list artists are planned throughout the year during major conventions and events.

3.1.13: Quixotic Transemdia happily announces the release of HAWKEN: GENESIS, the long-awaited graphic novel anthology inspired by the award-winning mech FPS Hawken from Meteor Entertainment and Adhesive Games. Produced alongside DJ2 Entertainment and published by Archaia Entertainment, HAWKEN: GENESIS is the narrative prequel exposing the world’s vast mythology motivating the war in-game. While Genesis is designed as a stand-alone reading experience for general science fiction fans, the book is intended to doubly serve as crucial narrative context that enriches the gaming experience for the many users of the hit free-to-play game.

To achieve this goal, Quixotic designed a comprehensive publishing and promotional strategy that established such a vast mythology in three key stages:

The first stage is crafting an original narrative core to the world, which documented the origins of the iconic game setting. Tracking the rise and fall of the first planet terraformed and governed by corporate interets, we watch as the friendship between two men shape the fate of this planet and its people. The story is designed to ground Hawken's sci-fi vision of the future in relatable human drama, all while tapping into the wish fulfillments and escalating stakes driving the events in-game.

The second stage is an ambitious 22 pages of in-depth interstitial content, immersing the reader in a richly textured and dense mythology that heightened the realism and believability of the world. Creating an original character as a narrative thruline for the interstitials, an underground news reporter curates everything from scientific journals and encrypted military files to celebrity profiles and tourism pamphlets... all for the reader to enjoy.

The third stage is a targeted marketing campaign incentivizing readers into becoming invested gamers. Quixotic designed the book as an anthology, which included four stand-alone short tales intended as promotional digital comics. Brokering an exclusive relationship with ComiXology for maximum exposure and distribution across multiple platforms, the free comics would raise awareness for the brand shortly before the game's release. Each digital comic also included free in-game credits, incentivizing readers to register and play the game after granting them with a richer understanding and appreciation of the world itself.

Together, these components were fluidly interwoven into a dynamic narative vehicle to explore the world of Hawken. Data shows that 75% of readers engaged by our publishing program registered for the game. After registering for the free-to-play game, the retention rate for our users was three times higher than typical users. They were also four times more likely to become monetized users, and consistently some of the most financially invested users by three times their peers. Best of all, we're proud to report that critics and fans alike have unanimously embraced the book itself with rave reviews, many noting our world-building interstitials as a key factor in the book's success.

Likening the quality and execution of our transmedia production to comic legends such as WATCHMEN and LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN, our radical publishing and promotional strategy for the HAWKEN brand has become a powerful case study on multiple levels. We're proud to stand alongside Meteor, DJ2, and Archaia during this incredible victory, and we look forward to producing more books with these fine creative individuals for years to come.

Please order the book today and enjoy a sampling of our amazing reviews below:

"The details contained in the narrative and in the meta data show intensive research and careful construction of consistency for the historical context of Illal, and its tragically ambitious characters...There’s no doubt that an admirable amount of work and detail-oriented inspection of the combined elements of HAWKEN went into making the book, and the quality shows at every turn. This may be the key to appealing to both gamers and comics readers. Gamers are used to high-quality graphics and intelligent world-building in their often expensive products, meant to bring hours of interaction and entertainment home with them. Comics readers are expecting strong story-lines, identification, and a subtle use of suggestion to create imaginative realities. HAWKEN toes the line between these demands, without taking short cuts on any of the features the two groups might be looking for. If they find that the overlap is fairly wide between sci-fi gamers and sci-fi comics readers, all the better, but they haven’t made any foolhardy assumptions that would jeopardize the balance of the hybrid they’ve created. HAWKEN is a graphic novel produced with a lot of confidence about what is both visually and narratively appealing to pop culture right now, and poses the suggestion that total immersion in a narrative world is a common feature of both gaming and comics. It’s a bold suggestion, and one they argue well through fluency in the comics medium." The Comic Beat

"Sometimes, these types of projects align themselves in perfect sync with one another. When this happens, worlds are enhanced and fans gain new perspectives into the things they love. Yes, things can fall flat when [entertainment brands] crossover into a new genre. But Hawken: Genesis avoids doing so, instead showing the potential for such expansions. The book welcomes everyone into its world, not just the gamers. And for doing so it’s hard to imagine that readers won’t want to transition over to the game when finished reading." Nerdspan

"This graphic novel has had one of the more interesting journeys that I can think of in recent years... I was sucked into the world big time and it definitely made me want to check out the game, but even more so it made me want to read more about the world. It leaves you feeling as if the story is actually just beginning, rather than coming to end." Comic Bastards

"Hawken includes betrayal amongst friends, shady political maneuvering, and a planet at war. The plot details are woven together intricately to provide a great stand-alone story as well as a perfect entry-point into the online game." Geeks of Doom

"I was pleased with the cohesiveness of this story even with the long list of authors involved. The success of this story is a direct reflection of their efforts as a team and deserves to be mentioned." PopCults

11.18.12: Quixotic is thrilled to report yet another record-breaking success on Kickstarter! Reaching their initial funding goal of $12,000 in less than 24 hours, Brotherwise Games has raised a whopping $215,056 in 30 days for Boss Monster, becoming the #1 most funded campaign for a collectible card game, and the #12 highest grossing tabletop campaign in Kickstarter history.

Consulting Brotherwise Games on the production and promotion of their campaign, Quixotic aided in their overall pitch and presentation, the selection and structure of their reward tiers, and their brand messaging to their target audience -- within both Kickstarter and the media at large. Then after the launch of their campaign, we orchestrated an aggressive marketing campaign that courted the opinion leaders and forum communities of indie gamers and the geek chic in mainstream pop culture. Game demos and street teams at gaming and pop culture conventions such as IndieCade and New York Comic-Con. A West Coast game demo tour, hitting almost 20 stores within 30 days in key gaming cities such as Los Angeles, Pasadena, Costa Mesa, San Diego, Seattle, and Portland. And a wide-scale social media campaign for geek and gamer news sources, attracting the attention of key influencers such as Geek and Sundry, Nerdist Industries, ICv2, Board Game Geek, Futilie Position, ComicBuzz, Fruitless Pursuits, N4G, GameFaq, Successful Nerd, Video Gaming at 30, En World, Game Bugle and more.

We confess, our job was easy. Boss Monster is an extraordinary game. Players around the world embraced the nostalgic theme, great art, and unique dungeon-building gameplay. Yet even such a promising new brand can use a friend in scupting the right campaign and effectively connecting with their audience, so that their ideas do not merely reach the public, but also reach their potential. It was our pleasure championing such a great new addition to the gaming community, and leaving a client 1,792% funded on Kickstarter with almost 5,000 backers and record-breaking numbers certainly does make us and the rest of the gaming industry excited about Brotherwise Games and what we hope will become a fruitful and long-lasting career. Check out BOSS MONSTER on its official website and pre-order the game today, which is now slated for a Summer 2013 retail release.

11.14.12: Quixotic is happy to announce that M. Elizabeth Hughes is attached as producer on The Thrilling Adventure Hour web series. Hughes comes from a distinguished background in film and new media, most recently serving as the producer of the hit web series Husbands and the line producer for Joss Whedon's upcoming film Much Ado About Nothing and Felicia Day's runaway phenomenom The Guild. Hughes also co-produced the film Drones in 2010, based upon an original script from Acker & Blacker. Hughes joins music video director Chris Stores at the helm, with Ben Acker and Ben Blacker co-producing alongside Nerdist Industries and Quixotic Founder Joe LeFavi as Transmedia Producer.

11.7.12: Quixotic Transmedia is extremely proud to announce our triumphant success on Kickstarter with The Thrilling Adventure Hour. Orchestrating one of the most ambitious Kickstarter campaigns of 2012, Quixotic and The WorkJuice Corporation have successfully funded an originial graphic novel, a scripted web series, and a live concert film. Raising $192,873 with over 2,500 backers worldwide, TAH has become the #5 highest grossing comics campaign in Kickstarter history and the #1 most funded campaign for an original graphic novel.

Beginning our 30-day campaign on October 8th, The Thrilling Adventure Hour (TAH) became an instant success. Launching with massive support from the media and a viral video starring Emmy-nominated actor Jason Ritter and rockstar John Roderick, the campaign achieved its first goal in five days, raising $55K for an original graphic novel. Ten days later, a scripted web series featuring the backstage antics of theTAH cast received the green light after raising another $35K. The final stretch goal, a live concert film, was funded with four days to spare before the campaign concluded with almost $193K in the bank on November 7th.

The success of the TAH Kickstarter campaign was largely attributed to the well orchestated campaign, celebrated by Outreach Nerd as one of the top campaigns of 2012. Announcing the Kickstarter campaign during a TAH panel at Comikaze weeks before launch, the fanboy-targeted campaign began the week of New York Comic-Con and ended the weekend of Long Beach Comic-Con. The team also strategically produced three live performances during their 30-day campaign, staging one show in LA during opening weekend, one show in New York at the halfway point, and one show in LA during the final weekend. All of these events served as rallying points to mobilize their fan-base and spread the word via a brush-fire Twitter campaign sparked by TAH cast members and key opinion leaders in the media. News about the campaign was then kept fresh with a daily video endorsement, featuring a new star of stage and screen endorsing TAH and urging their fans to get involved.

The aggressive marketing campaign reached unmatched awareness for a Kickstarter campaign, receiving a profile piece on NPR's All Things Considered and major coverage from sources such as The Hollywood Reporter, The Onion's AV Club, Newsarama, Comic Book Resources, Hello Giigles, Nerdist Industries, Major Spoilers, Broken Frontier, Comic Bastards, Fanboy Comics, Futile Position, Whedonesque, OmniComic, Charged FM, and more. Plus, our viral video campaign, which featured stars such as Paget Brewster, Joshua Malina, and Nathan Fillion, became monetized YouTube videos on their own merits. Best of all, the campaign proved widely successful in promoting the brand itself, with the TAH podcast skyrocketing up the charts with over 220,000 listeners worldwide during the month of the campaign.

We are so incredibly humbled by the Kickstarter community, and we sincerely thank them and the media for their generous support. The graphic novel is slated to debut at San Diego Comic-Con 2013, with the web series and concert film heading into pre-production with filming to begin around Spring and Fall 2013 respectively.

10.18.12: Co-CEOs Johnny and Chris O'Neal of newly minted Brotherwise Games have teamed up with Quixotic Transmedia to produce and promote their 30-day Kickstarter campaign for Boss Monster, a new modern tabletop game inspired by a love for the classic 8-bit platform games of yesteryear.

Boss Monster challenges players to become the apex predators of gaming -- videogame-style “bosses” -- and build side-scrolling dungeons to lure and destroy puny adventurers. Each player must compete with other bosses in the race to build the most lethal side-scrolling dungeon using a series of cleverly arranged minions, traps, and spells. As other players scheme to weaken your defenses, your rising infamy draws more experienced heroes eager to slay you in the name of fame and glory. Will you endure the heroic onslaught? Can your rivals outwit you? Are you a bad enough dude to become the ultimate Boss Monster? Illustrated by talented pixel artists like Katrina Guillermo (Super Apartment Bros.) and Kyle Merritt (EvoCreo), Boss Monster is packed with nostalgia and pop culture references.

Boss Monster is a unique and hilarious all-ages tabletop gaming experience, which mixes the strategy of Magic: The Gathering, the resource management of Settlers of Catan, and the nostalgic fun of your classic RPG dungeon crawl. Illustrated entirely in 8-bit art, Boss Monster is inspired by the golden age of video games. With imagery, themes, and game mechanics that pay homage to those classic side-scrolling adventures, Boss Monster is a delightful twist on the traditional hero vs. boss villain scenario sure to resonate with gamers young and old. If you’ve spent your fair share playing 8-bit bounty hunters, kung fu fighters, and vampire slayers… you're destined to love this game.

Fully designed and ready for mass production, Brotherwise Games is launching their 30-day Kickstarter campaign to raise enough funds to share Boss Monster with the world. Their goal of $12,000 will finance the production and distribution of the complete game kit, containing everything necessary to play the game with 2-4 players. Kickstarter pledge levels range from game pre-orders to exclusive experiences such as inserting your likeness into the game and even designing your own cards included in the initial game kit. Find the campaign today on Kickstarter at: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/brotherwise/boss-monster-the-dungeon-building-card-game.

10.8.12: Creators Ben Acker and Ben Blacker have teamed up with Quixotic Transmedia to produce a Kickstarter campaign for The Thrilling Adventure Hour, the popular stage show and Nerdist Industries podcast. Running from October 8, 2012 to November 6, 2012, the 30-day campaign aspires to usher the hit show into multiple forms of media including a graphic novel, motion comic, web series, and concert film. Over the years, The Thrilling Adventure Hour (TAH) has become a national phenomenon with monthly sold-out performances, a popular podcast, and a line of TAH-inspired merchandise from decoder rings to martini glasses. With more than 100 consecutive shows under its belt, the TAH brand is celebrating its eighth birthday with a natural and eagerly awaited step into other facets of entertainment.

The initial goal for the Kickstarter campaign is a hardcover graphic novel that recreates the TAH experience in print. Archaia Entertainment, the 2012 and 2011 Eisner Winner for Best Graphic Album New and 2011 Eisner Winner for Best Anthology, has committed to publishing the anthology should TAH reach its funding goal. Written by Acker & Blacker, the 136-page anthology will feature top artists from comics such as Ben Edlund, Jackson Publick, Dustin Weaver, Tom Fowler, Randy Bishop, Evan Larson, Chris Moreno, Natalie Nourigat, Joel Priddy, Doc Shaner, Jeff Stokely and more. Should the campaign exceed its initial funding goal of $50,000, all additional earnings are dedicated toward more exciting expansions of the TAH experience in other media, including a scripted webseries, a motion comic, and a long-awaited concert film.

Quixotic is incredibly happy to officially join forces with longtime friends and collaborators Ben Acker and Ben Blacker on such a wonderfully unique and beloved brand at Thrilling Adventure Hour. Visit our Kickstarter campaign today and support this great team! To learn more about our Kickstarter campaign, please enjoy our press release. For media inquiries / interview requests, please contact us.

10.4.12: Meteor Entertainment's Hawken was celebrated as an official 2012 selection for INDIECADE, the popular independent gaming convention taking place in Culver City, California. The convention featured console, online, handheld, and tabletop games independently produced by small development teams from all over the world. To learn more about this incredible convention, please visit their website.

9.15.12: Meteor Entertainment and Archaia Entertainment, two of Quixotic's constant cohorts, team up to exhibit at Comikaze 2012. With a massive booth situated in the front row for their main stage, Meteor and Archaia enjoyed a fantastic exhibition with live game testing for HAWKEN and exclusive signing events throughout the convention. Other exciting events of other Quixotic clients and collaborators included the "Creating Kids Comics" panel moderated by long-time collaborator Tim Beedle and the "The Thriling Adventure Hour" panel moderated by Heath Corson.

9.8.12: Jim Henson's Tale of Sand was awarded two awards, Best Original Graphic Album and Best Single Issue or Story, at the 2012 Harvey Awards, one of the comic book industry’s oldest and most respected awards. Archaia titles were nominated in four other Harvey Awards categories: The Killer Vol 3: Modus Vivendi for Best American Edition of Foreign Material; Fraggle Rock for Best Original Graphic Publication for Younger Readers; Jim Henson’s The Storyteller for Best Anthology; and Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand for Special Award for Excellence in Presentation.

8.22.12: LA-based non-profit organization The CineStory Foundation has teamed up with Quixotic Transmedia for a comprehensive rebranding of their corporate strategy with a focus on casting a stronger presence on multiple forms of media. Founded in 1995, CineStory is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to nurturing new screenwriting talent through its annual screenwriting fellowship. CineStory's board and advisors include key creative personnel behind such films as Iron Man, Children of Men, The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, Finding Neverland, Band of Brothers, The Pacific, Wit, Nine Lives, Peter Pan and many others. CineStory is based in Los Angeles with a retreat center in Idyllwild, California. To learn more about CineStory, please visit their soon-to-be redesigned website.

7.13.12: The 24th Annual Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards (“The Eisners”) were held last night in the Indigo Ballroom of the Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel, showcasing the best in comics for 2011, and publisher Archaia is happy to announce it was honored with three awards for its original graphic novel hardcover, Jim Henson’s TALE OF SAND: Best Penciler/Inker (Ramón K. Pérez), Best Publication Design (Eric Skillman), and their top honor, Best Graphic Album New. As a result, TALE OF SAND has become a truly historic moment in comics:

  • Since the Eisners began, Archaia is the third publisher to ever receive Best Graphic Album New twice in a row (Dark Horse in 93-94 and DC in 98-99), making Archaia the only publisher in over a decade to receive such an honor.
  • TALE OF SAND marks the first time in Eisner history that the graphic novel awarded Best Graphic Album New was reversed engineered from a screenplay, making TALE OF SAND the first case study for a successfully reverse engineered IP in comics.
  • TALE OF SAND marks the first time in Eisner history that a "licensed" IP has been awarded Best Graphic Album New, making it a historic victory for licensed publishing and branded entertainment in comics as a whole.

Quixotic is incredibly happy for our friends at Archaia and The Jim Henson Company. So much passion was invested into TALE OF SAND, countless people fighting to produce a genuine tribute and testament to Jim Henson's legacy. With this triumph, we have not only achieved that goal, but also established a landmark precedent that has redefined the potential of branded entertainment in comics.

To learn more about this incredible win, please read the following press release. For a full list of winners, visit Comic-Con International’s Eisner Awards website.

7.13.12: Hawken announced on Joe LeFavi's Comic-Con International panel "Transmedia in Graphic Novel Publishing" that Act Of Valor co-director Scott Waugh has signed on to direct a live action adaptation of HAWKEN. Warner Bros has signed on to make the movie. Read more here on Deadline Hollywood.

7.12.12: Quixotic Transmedia has announced their plans for Comic-Con International 2012 in San Diego:

  • Quixotic's founder, Joe LeFavi, will moderate "Transmedia in Graphic Novel Publishing" -- a panel on Friday, July 13 at 4PM in Room 23ABC discussing three case studies of upcoming Archaia Black Label graphic novels with transmedia brand strategies: CYBORG 009, SPACE 1999, and HAWKEN.
  • Joe LeFavi has been welcomed onto the panel "Making Kids Comics" on Sunday, July 15 at 3PM in Room 11AB. Moderated by Neo Edmund (Silver Dragon), LeFavi is joining fellow kids comics writers Adira Edmund (Silver Dragon), Paul Morressey (Fraggle Rock), Heather Nuhfer (Fraggle Rock, Strawberry Shortcake), Tim Beedle (Fraggle Rock, Muppet Robin Hood).

Joe LeFavi will be signing at the Archaia booth every day of SDCC. Please check the signing schedule at the Archaia booth for details. Parties interested in meeting with Quixotic should contact our office at (323) 951-0556 or email us directly.

7.2.12: We are proud to announce that Archaia has been nominated for six Harvey Awards, with five of which for their line of graphic novels for The Jim Henson Company: THE STORYTELLER (Best Anthology), JIM HENSON'S TALE OF SAND (Special Award for Excellence in Presentation, Best Graphic Album Original, and Best Best Single Issue or Story), and FRAGGLE ROCK (Best Graphic Publication for Younger Readers).

Marking our first Harvey Award nomination as both a comic book writer and editor, we are absolutely thrilled for our friends at Archaia and The Jim Henson Company, and sincerely congratulate all of the incredible writers, artists, and editors associated with the esteemed nominees.

6.29.12: Quixotic, Hawken, and Archaia teamed up to table at Anime Expo in Los Angeles, the world’s largest Anime event from June 29th - July 2nd. Parties interested in meeting with Quixotic should contact our office at (323) 951-0556 or email us directly.

6.12.12: Quixotic Transmedia is attending the 2012 Licensing Expo in Las Vegas from Monday, June 11th to Thursday, June 14th. Parties interested in meeting with Quixotic should contact our office at (323) 951-0556 or email us here.

6.7.12: One of Quixotic Transmedia's most esteemed clients, Meteor Entertainment, enjoyed an incredible showing at E3 2012. Becoming one of the most talked-about games at the Expo, Hawken was the recipient of numerous nominations and awards including "Editor's Choice Award" (The Verge), "Best Overall Title" (AwesomeRobo), "Nominations: Best of Show and Best Indie" (Destructoid), "Award: Best PC Game" (Destructoid), "Nomination: Best Multiplayer" (Gamer Rant), "Best of E3: Honorable Mention" (GameSpy), "Nominations: Best of Show, Best F2P, Best Indie, Best PC" (Gaming Irresponsibly), "Best of E3: Best PC (Honorable Mention)" (Attack of the Fanboy), "Biggest Grassroots Buzz" (Game Informer), "E3 2012: Top Five PC Games (Hawken #2)" (Gamer Live), "Best PC Game" (VideoGame Writers), and "Best PvP Game" (Examiner).

5.15.12: Hawken has announced their landmark distribution deal with Gaikai, the open cloud gaming platform. Gaikai will deliver HAWKEN as the first game utilizing their new high-performance Nvidia platform, distributing straight to consumers across the web including social networks like Facebook or on any Internet connected device including televisions, set-top boxes or tablets.

This groundbreaking deal solidifies HAWKEN as one of the most advanced and widely distributed free-to-play titles in cloud gaming history. Read the official press release to learn more about this incredible step forward for gamers everywhere!

5.12.12: At the Long Beach Comic-Con on Saturday, May 12th, Quixotic's Joe LeFavi was welcomed onto the panel "Creating Kids’ Comics". Moderated by Neo Edmund (JumpStart’s Windy Hollows, Jurassic Strike Force 5), LeFavi joined Tim Beedle (Muppet Robin Hood, Fraggle Rock), Paul Morrissey (The Incredibles, Mouse Guard), and Heather Nuhfer (Fraggle Rock, Strawberry Shortcake) as they discussed the current and future marketplace of kids comics, and the growing need for quality content for younger readers in the comics shop.

5.6.12: Joe LeFavi was happily welcomed to speak at 2012 Catalina Film Festival's "From Page to Screen Adaptation" panel on Sunday, May 6th. Moderated by Golan Ramras (VP of Development and Production at Hero Pictures), LeFavi joined fellow panelists Berkeley Breathed (Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist of Bloom County), Alex Schwartz (Dreamworks Animation producer), Fonda Snyder (Producer and President of Alchemy Ink), and the screenwriting duo Ron Friedman and Steve Bencich (Brother Bear, Chicken Little, Open Season).

The panel discussed both the benefits and challenges of adapting source materials in Film and TV, along with the creative freedom in developing published works behind stories destined for the big and small screen alike. The panel was well attended with 48,000 viewers watching the live streamed event, and we'd love to express our thanks to Golan, our fellow panelists, and the wonderful people at the Catalina Film Festival for inviting us to contribute to such a relevant debate!

5.2.12: Quixotic Transmedia was chosen for the second year in a row as one of the four transmedia innovators profiled on the final panel of Digital Hollywood's Transmedia Summit, co-sponsored by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Alongside fellow panelists Andrew Hawn (VP, Iconoculture), Gordon Chu (VP, Metan Development Group), and Behnam Karbassi (NoMimes, Fourth Wall Studios), moderator Suzanne Stefanac faciltiated an engaging dialogue about the challenges and opportunities of transmedia storytelling in the entertainment industry.

We'd love to thank Digital Hollywood, Suzanne Stafanac, and all the wonderful people at Digital Hollywood for welcoming us into such an inspiring debate.

4.20.12: MTV interviews Joe LeFavi about his unique role on the upcoming graphic novel behind Hawken, the highly anticipated mech FPS debuting 12-12-12. Check out MTV's article awesomely entitled "Hawken Is Coming To Comics and Joe LeFavi Is Making That Happen" to learn more about the book and this exciting brand as a whole!

4.16.12: Quixotic is proud to announce the creative team behind Hawken, the original graphic novel prequel to Adhesive Games’ upcoming free-to-play mech FPS from indie game publisher Meteor Entertainment.

Written by Jeremy Barlow (Mass Effect: Homeworlds, Star Wars), the epic tale will span three decades, capturing key moments in the ambitious rise and tragic fall of this post-apocalyptic world and the pivotal few who determined its fate. Each key moment in the story will be presented by a new artist, whose unique style and mood fits the tone of the unfolding events. The anthology boasts an impressive army of visual talent, including Federico Dallocchio (Starcraft, Modern Warfare 2: Ghost, Suicide Squad), Nathan Fox (DMZ, The Haunt), Stefano Gaudiano (Daredevil, Amazing Spiderman), Michael Gaydos (Alias, True Blood), Bagus Hutomo (Shrapnel, Heavy Metal), Christopher Moeller (Iron Empires, JLA: League of One), Moritat (Elephantmen, Transmetropolitan), Alex Sanchez (Star Wars: The Old Republic, JSA Classified), Brian Thies (Winter Soldier, Dark Tower), Greg Tocchini (Last Days of American Crime, X-Force), and Francisco Ruiz Velasco (Inhumans, conceptual artist on Hellboy 2, The Hobbit, and Pacific Rim).

The graphic novel will release in March 2013, following the game’s debut on 12-12-12. For more information, read the full press release or visit HAWKEN online.

4.6.12: Quixotic's Joe LeFavi was thrilled to join fellow panelists Katherine Keller (Sequential Tart), Mike Richardson (Dark Horse Comics), Mark Veheiden (Falling Skies, Heroes), Mary Vogt (Pushing Daisies, Men in Black), and moderator Geoffrey Long (Microsoft) for "Creative Intersections: How Comics Fit into the Transmedia Ecology", the final panel of Transmedia Hollywood 3, a one-day conference hosted by USC and renowned transmedia theorist Henry Jenkins.

Everyone at Quixotic expresses our gratitude to Henry Jenkins and USC for inviting us to contribute to the discussion, and we thank all of our fellow panelists for such an engaging (and occasionally heated) debate!

4.4.12: We are excited to announce that Archaia has been nominated for five Eisner Awards for Jim Henson's Tale of Sand, an original graphic novel of an unproduced, feature-length screenplay written by Jim Henson and Jerry Juhl, adapted by artist Ramón K. Pérez, published by Archaia. The book is up for Best Graphic Album–New, Best Penciller/Inker, Best Coloring, Best Lettering, and Best Publication Design. To read more about their nominations and the other nominees, please read the following press release.

3.31.12: Quixotic is proud to announce their next big pubilshing partnership with Archaia Black Label! Alongside Meteor Entertainment, Adhesive Games, and DJ2 Entertainment, Quixotic Transmedia will package and produce an original graphic novel anthology inspired by the upcoming free-to-play mech game Hawken!

While the game showcases the visually stunning and high action FPS experience, the graphic novel will expose the world’s vast mythology and explore the key characters and events motivating the war in the game itself. Reading the graphic novel is designed to not only serve as a narrative counterpart to the game, but also enrich the gaming experience with secret clues and codes that unlock special in-game features.

The Meteor-Archaia partnership was facilitated by Quixotic's founder Joe LeFavi, who spearheads business development for Archaia’s Black Label division, a unique development pipeline designed to work alongside entertainment brands eager to launch and expand into publishing. LeFavi will serve as executive editor and Archaia’s transmedia producer on the book.

To learn more about this incredible new campaign, please read our official press release or check out the variety of news sources covering the news today!

3.16.12: Joe LeFavi was welcomed onto another panel addessing Hollywood and their complex relationship with comic books, this time at Anaheim's WonderCon 2012 on the panel "Hollywood and Comics Collide". Moderated by Zenescope Entertainment producer Ben Jackendoff, other panelists included writer Kevin Grevioux ("Underworld"), director Jon Schnepp ("Metalocolypse"), Scott Mitchell Rosenberg (Chairman of Platinum Studios), and Jesse Berger (Executive Vice President of Radical Studios).

To learn more about the panel and the topics addressed, check out Comic Book Resources' coverage of the panel here.

2.27.12: Quixotic Transmedia's founder, Joe LeFavi, has been chosen as a guest speaker on "Creative Intersections: How Comics Fit into the Transmedia Ecology", the fourth and final panel of Transmedia Hollywood 3, an aggressive one-day conference hosted by USC and moderated by world-renowned transmedia theorist Henry Jenkins. LeFavi will join Henry and other innovators in the publishing space such as Mike Richardson (CEO of Dark Horse Entertainment) to discuss transmedia and the ever-increasing role of comic books in Hollywood. The panel will take place on April 6, 2012 on the USC campus and tickets are available today.

To find out more about the conference, visit the official conference website. Information on the specific panels can be found on the press release featured on Henry Jenkin's blog. We are honored to participate in such a relevant discussion and we look forward to the debate.

11.14.11: Quixotic is proud to announce that Immortals theatrically bowed as the #1 film in the world, generating $32M domestically and $68M worldwide – breaking records as the top earner for any 3D R-rated film in 2011... and the most successful box office opening in Relativity Media’s history.

Best of all, its box office triumph has been largely attributed to the overwhelming support from the fanboy audience. With an audience comprised of 60% males and 75% under the age of 35, every critic from CNN to the Hollywood Reporter solely attributed the surprise success of Immortals to fanboys and fanboys alone. And since Quixotic was charged with the sole responsibility of engaging those fanboys and earning their respect, this box office success is not only a victory for Relativity Media, but a triumphant statement on the value of Quixotic's innovative transmedia marketing strategy.

Quixotic Transmedia, our publishing partner Archaia Entertainment, and our brand partners Alliance Films, Awestruck Marketing, IAMROGUE, Fandango, and Panelfy all aspired to prove that a quality graphic novel and an imaginative transmedia marketing campaign can result in box office success... and we succeeded. It is our hope that this case study sets an impressive precedent for how entertainment brands can thrive in the publishing world and beyond through the effective use of transmedia storytelling.

11.9.11: Quixotic Transmedia announces Immortals: Gods and Heroes HD, our first "SuperMedia" iOS fan experience by Panelfly, a leading smartphone and tablet application developer. This dynamic application offers an engaging transmedia fan experience built around Archaia’s acclaimed prequel anthology, and alongside the theatrical release of Relativity Media’s film, IMMORTALS. Check out the official press release and then download your version for the iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad today!

10.19.11: Quixotic Transmedia's founder, Joe LeFavi, was welcomed as a speaker on Reports from the Cutting Edge of Storytelling — the grand finale panel that concluded the Transmedia Summit of the 2011 Digital Hollywood convention co-sponsored by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

There LeFavi discussed his groundbreaking transmedia brand strategy on Relativity Media's upcoming feature film IMMORTALS, which has been celebrated as one of the premiere case studies for effective collaboration between film, print, and new media in the entertainment industry. He was proud to share the stage with Suzanne Stefanac, a veteran transmedia producer and industry pioneer, who moderated the big event.

Digital Hollywood 2011 took place at the luxorious Ritz Carlton Hotel in Marina Del Ray, California. For more information on this annual convention, please visit Digital Hollywood's website.

10.16.11: Archaia Entertainment and Quixotic Transmedia are proud to announce that Immortals: Gods and Heroes has officially sold out of its current print run, making the release of our graphic novel produced alongside Relativity Media one of Archaia's break-out successes of 2011! Archaia and Quixotic would love to thank everyone associated with this extraordinary graphic novel and its innovative marketing campaign, including our friends at Relativity Media, IAMROGUE, and our wonderful creative team.

10.14.11: Archaia Entertainment announces a partnership with Panelfly, the innovative provider of interactive reading experiences on smart phones and tablets, to produce an Android and iOS app around IMMORTALS: GODS AND HEROES, the graphic novel produced alongside Relativity Media in support of their upcoming feature film, Immortals. The app will premiere during the peak of the film's marketing campaign and launch on all platforms shortly before the film's theatrical relase on 11.11.11!

10.13.11: Immortals: Gods and Heroes seizes New York Comic-Con on October 13th, 2011 with a convention premiere of the graphic novel and a gorgeous gallery exhibit celebrating the artwork from the graphic novel right there on the convention floor! Fans and critics alike were wowed by the star-studded signings and exclusive events, resulting in a wildly successful convention for IMMORTALS and our publishing partner, Relativity Media.

9.21.11: Quixotic Transmedia teams up with Alliance Films, the Canadian film distributor of Immortals, to faciliate the "Become Immortal" contest. One lucky winner will receive an original piece of art from one of the artists involved with the graphic novel Immortals: Gods and Heroes featuring their own likeness incorporated into the world of Mount Olympus.

The contest is co-sponsored by Alliance Films, Perseus Group Canada, and Archaia Entertainment. Visit Dose.ca/contests for full details.

9.26.11: Quixotic Transmedia co-produced a five-part documentary web series documenting the creative process of Immortals: Gods and Heroes, the graphic novel anthology expanding the world mythology of Relativity Media's upcoming 3-D film, Immortals.

The five-part documentary series premiered over the course of one week via a fun, community-building ARg. Each episode premiered on a different website, once per day appearing on USA Today, MTV Splash Page, io9, lA Times, or Comic Book Resources, and The Comics Beat. Fans were challenged to find and collect secret passwords embedded in each clip, which then unlocked an exclusive preview on the IAMROGUE website of a beautiful painted mural from one of the film’s conceptual designers, Rafael kayanan. Fans could then enter for a chance to win the actual mural signed by Rafael himself!

The video series was co-produced alongside the wonderful people at IAMROGUE. Our special thanks to Randall Cox, Nick Turner, Kendall Rhodes, Damon O'Steen, Jenni Powell, and the rest of the IAMROGUE team for their contributions to this unique and incredible series!

9.9.11: Have you ever heard of a national traveling art exhibit celebrating the sequential art produced for a tie-in graphic novel? Quixotic Transmedia is proud to collaborate with Relativity Media and Archaia Entertainment in a national traveling art exhibit showcasing the incredible art of our graphic novel, Immortals: Gods and Heroes.

Touring five major cities before the awaited premiere of the epic 3-D film, the gallery opens on August 21, 2011 with a star-studded affair in Austin during Fantastic Fest, the largest genre film festival in the US! Future exhibits in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles soon to arrive. The tour is sponsored by Relativity Media and faciltated by Quixotic Transmedia and Awestruck Marketing Group, a creative marketing experiential agency.

7.22.11: Quixotic Transmedia congratulates Archaia, our publishing partner, for winning the top two distinctions at the 2011 Eisner Awards — Best Graphic Novel of the Year (RETURN OF THE DAPPER MEN) and Best Anthology of the Year (MOUSE GUARD: LEGENDS OF THE GUARD) — while receiving nominations in all of the remaining top categories: Best Writer, Best Artist, Best Publication for Teens, Best reprint, Best cover Artist, and Best Publication Design... a rare and remarkable feat. We sincerely congratulate all of Archaia's distinguished winners and nominees!

7.15.11: Quixotic's founder, Joe LeFavi, has been selected to teach his course "The Graphic Novel is the Next Screenplay" at the 2011 Screenwriting Expo, the largest screenwriting expo in the US. LeFavi's course has been chosen for the exclusive "comics in Hollywood" career track alongside courses from veteran comics editor Barbara Kesel (WATCHMEN, HELLBOY) and screenwriters Ashley Miller and Zack Stenz (X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, THOR), Mark Fergus (IRON MAN, COWBOYS AND ALIENS), and Alfred Gough and Miles Millar (SPIDERMAN 2, SMALLVILLE).

5.17.11: Quixotic Transmedia and Relativity Media architect the innovative "Become Immortal" contest, an interactive social media campaign designed to unite the fan-bases behind the film and upcoming graphic novel into one vocal community. The contest invites fans to compete in an interactive online competition, where two winners are immortalized as actual Gods in the upcoming graphic novel and invited to the sold-out 2011 Comic-Con International to enjoy exclusive IMMORTALS events. The contest is sponsored by Relativity Media, Archaia Entertainment, and Fandango.

For more information, read the press release or visit the Facebook contest and join in the fun!

5.13.11: Quixotic Trasmedia's founder, Joe LeFavi, publishes an article for MovieBytes™ entitled "The Graphic Novel is the Next Screenplay," sharing his philosophy on why publishing is increasingly becoming a vital tool for the modern transmedia storyteller. Click here to read the article and learn more!

4.1.11: Quixotic Transmedia and Archaia Entertainment team up with Relativity Media to produce an original graphic novel anthology based within the world of their upcoming feature film 3-D epic, Immortals.

Archaia will release the Immortals graphic novel in September, serving as a precursor to the 3‐D motion picture, which releases worldwide on November 11, 2011. The graphic novel will expand upon the film’s key characters and events through a series of original tales written and illustrated by some of the top names in comics, including David Mack (Kabuki), Ron Marz (Witchblade), Dennis Calero (Dark Tower) and Ben Templesmith (30 Days of Night). The graphic novel will be published through Archaia’s Black Label division, a publishing pipeline dedicated to working alongside creative professionals within the entertainment industry eager to launch and expand their brands in the publishing world.

The Relativity‐Archaia partnership was facilitated by Joe LeFavi of Quixotic Transmedia, who spearheads business development for Archaia’s Black Label division. “We are thrilled to have found such an amazing partner in Relativity. Working closely with the film’s creative team, we are working hard to expand upon the mythology and reach a level of quality worthy of such a visionary storyteller as the film’s director, Tarsem Singh. We are honored that Relativity chose Archaia to introduce fans across the globe to such a rich and visually stunning world,” said LeFavi, who will also serve as executive editor on the graphic novel.

To learm more about this exciting publishing partnership and the creative team involved with the high-profile book, please read our press release.

3.25.11: Quixotic Transmedia's founder, Joe LeFavi, joins The Writers Junction and No BullScript Consulting on their "The Executive Series for Screenwriters" lecture series, becoming their instructor and series expert on Hollywood's growing fascination with graphic novels, and how producers and screenwriters alike can reverse engineer their projects for this exciting medium.

To learn more about the lecture series, click here or check out the website below:

Keep up to date with all our recent quests by joining our mailing list below:


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