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BLAM! Meet Joe

Joe LeFavi is an obnoxiously passionate transmedia producer and entertainment brand strategist who champions cross-platform world-building and the creation of content designed to engage audiences via multiple forms of media.

As an energetic guide into the transmedia space, LeFavi launched Quixotic Transmedia in 2010 as a consultancy designed to inspire brands to unearth their potential alongside industry pioneers capable of bringing their ideas to life. In support of this mission, Quixotic has fostered a vast network of quality vendors in every facet of the entertainment industry.

Who is Joe LeFavi?

LeFavi specializes as a transmedia brand strategist, helping clients to develop and promote entertainment brands across multiple forms of media. His latest venture was the celebrated transmedia strategy for Immortals, Relativity Media’s highest grossing film ever. Producing an original graphic novel as a launchpad for a transmedia marketing strategy targeting fanboys, Quixotic orchestrated a cross-platform campaign via 13 conventions, a documentary, a traveling art show, an iOS fan headquarters, social media contests, ARGs, and more. This innovative campaign was largely credited for the film’s record-breaking opening weekend as the #1 film in the world, a feat solely attributed to a strong turnout from fanboys.

Using publishing as a springboard for transmedia brand building is a key strategy for Quixotic, often serving as a publishing packager who helps clients to reverse engineer and expand their brands into published works. Many of these efforts fall under Quixotic’s first-look deal with Eisner Award-winning publisher Archaia. Quixotic spearheads business development for their Black Label division – a pipeline LeFavi designed for entertainment brands eager to launch, promote, and expand in the publishing world.

Other recent Quixotic collaborators include I Am Rogue, Crest Animation, LionsGate, The Jim Henson Company, Platinum Studios, Adhesive Games, Meteor Entertainment, DJ2 Entertainment, Kunoichi Media, Imago Interactive, and Panelfly. Editorial credits include multiple Archaia titles such as Hawken and Immortals, and over 100+ titles for The Jim Henson Company, which includes an array of titles from Archaia’s line of Henson graphic novels.

The Days before Quixotic...

LeFavi is no stranger to Henson, as he most recently served as Henson's Director of Publishing & Development. During his four years on the Henson lot, LeFavi served as a Film/TV executive and Henson’s “in-house geek” on pop culture, books, comics, gaming... just about any fanboy obsession that intimidates normal people. LeFavi developed numerous projects in Film, TV, and New Media... and he read tons more, spearheading acquisitions as Henson’s book scout.

Specializing in identifying literary works with Film/TV potential, his eye for transmedia eventually focused on Henson’s own library. Mining their archives for high concepts that could succeed in publishing, LeFavi engineered an aggressive business plan to expend the Henson brand into licensed and original publishing using his relationships in the literary world. That plan stirred the launch of a new publishing division in January 2009, which he oversaw as Editorial Director.

As their Editorial Director, LeFavi oversaw their entire publishing slate, reverse engineering their key Film/TV brands into successful publishing ventures in every imaginable format – three of which became New York Times Best Sellers. Collaborating with such publishers as Archaia, Boom, HarperCollins, Penguin, Random House, and TokyoPop, his editorial experience spanned the gamut: novelty books, picture books, chapter books (early reader, middle grade, and YA), comic books, graphic novels, and manga. Sadly no cookbooks, though.

The feather in his Stormtrooper helmet, however, was generating a multi-year imprint with Archaia, which will release both licensed and original graphic novels. The deal was lauded by Publisher’s Weekly, Wizard, CBR, and other trusted sources as one of hottest deals in 2009. Celebrated for redefining the licensor/licensee relationship in publishing, Ain’t It Cool News called it a “partnership that has not ever truly been seen in the industry before.”

Motivated by the community's response to his outlook on transmedia brand building, LeFavi departed Henson in January 2010 to launch Quixotic and begin work on designing effective transmedia brand strategies for those in need of a friend in the creative process.

Before Henson, LeFavi was Director of Development for Ardustry Entertainment, where he was recognized as one of the most promising young executives in 2005 by Hollywood’s Young Shoulders, a popular Hollywood blog. Before Ardustry, he was toiling for years in Michigan as a line producer, videographer, and editor on a variety of Film / TV productions. And before that, he was writing stories, playing games, reading far too much, and dreaming about doing this for a living someday…

Outside of the office...

LeFavi is active in the entertainment community. He co-founded The Playground, a popular social network of industry professionals producing quality all-ages entertainment. He also travels the country as a motivational speaker and convention panelist, preaching transmedia theory and providing career counciling to aspiring creators and producers alike seeking their destinies in Hollywood. All this might explain why LeFavi was named the second most-liked executive on the 2009 Brown List – the first industry poll compiling votes for the most and least liked execs in Hollywood. The list was featured on Deadline Hollywood, CNBC, Defamer, LA Times, and countless other news sources.

Before Henson, LeFavi was Director of Development for Ardustry Entertainment, where he was recognized as one of the most promising young executives in 2005 by Hollywood’s Young Shoulders, a popular Hollywood blog.  Before Ardustry, he was freezing his tail feathers in Michigan, toiling for years as a line producer, videographer, and editor on film, TV, and new media production crews.

In the off chance that he stops working, LeFavi enjoys spending quality time with his keyboard and game controller. As a writer, he was most recently the co-writer of an animated kid’s film for Crest Animation and a lead contributor on the second volume of Archaia’s popular Fraggle Rock comic anthology. As a gamer, he most recently saved Ferelden from the Blight, orchestrated a hostile coup against Sanctum, and prevented the Collectors from harvesting Mankind. He also plays far too many tabletop games and always carries a d20 in his pocket... because you just never know when adventure will come knocking at your door.

LeFavi received a BA in Film and Video Studies from The University of Michigan, with postgraduate studies in Screenwriting. He is a proud Sicilian and an even prouder cat owner. His cat’s name is Biscuits. She is awesome supreme.


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